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Fraternal Socks

Pattern: Elizabeth Bennett’s Perl Sock Program by Elizabeth Bennett

Yarn: Knit Picks Essential Multis in Jester, 2 skeins

Needles: US 1 / 2.25 mm

Overall I’m pleased with my first sock effort!  The legs could be longer, and I’m less than thrilled with how different the stripe effect is in each sock.  There are ladders.  Big, bad, very visible ladders.  But despite all that, they are my first pair, and I love them.  I have caught the fever that is knitting socks, and here is my evidence to prove it:

Mmmmmmm….sock yarn!!!  I was recognized at my company party last weekend for 5 years of service (although I’ve worked there for 6 years as of February 10th, go figure) and got a nice cash bonus to boot.  So after a particularly grueling and meeting-filled morning yesterday, I went to my LYS over lunch and loaded up on yarn.  It sure turns a frown upside down in a hurry!  But tonight I’m going to cast on a pair of socks for J, using some Berroco Sox (not pictured).  But I have plans for these pretties, oh yes I do!!!

And one more thing to show:

My Valentine’s present!  A new knitting bag, The Knitter’s Satchel by Jordana Paige.  I acutally use it as my every-day purse, it just has the added benefit of being so convenient for carrying a small project too!  J got a cordless drill.  He was thrilled, but I personally think he got the short end of this particular stick.


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One sock down…

I have a sock!  A handknitted, kind of obnoxious-colored sock!  And I love it!  I never really “got” the hype over handknit socks, but now I know.  Nothing really exciting knitting-wise about this one.  I used Elizabeth Bennett’s Perl Sock Program to generate the pattern, and did 5″ of ribbing before starting the heel.  I suppose they could be a tad longer in the leg, but overall I’m quite pleased.  There are the infamous ladders that I’ve heard tell about with DPN use, but even those don’t really bother me too much.  I guess I’m still riding the sock high!  I had a stern talking to with myself, however, regarding the casting on of the second sock:  I have to finish the first half of the Autumn Arbor stole first.  The Cobblestone Pullover’s sleeves will get worked on on knit nights, but the stole has been sadly neglected the last couple of weeks.  But I’ve already gotten back into the groove of the pattern, so I don’t think these last three or four repeats will take TOO long.  At least I hope not.  I think J is starting to wonder what’s wrong with me, wandering around the house wearing one sock…

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Why, start a new wool sweater, of course!

It was unseasonable warm here in Omaha last week, which made for  nice change to the gray, chilly weather we’re usually getting sick of right about now!

This is the Cobblestone Pullover by the fantastically talented Jared Flood, perhaps better known as brooklynn tweed.  I’ve been following his blog for quite a while now, so when I decided it was high time for J to get his first handknit sweater, I knew it was going to be the Cobblesone Pullover.  I’m using Cascade 220 in  9459 – Yakima Heather, a brown with the merest hint of green that I wasn’t too sure about when I got my box from Webs.  Now I’m completely sold on it!  It’s a great color, and I think it will look good on J.  Unfortunately I seem to be more excited about the prospect of the sweater than he is, but J tends to be rather mellow to my sometimes overly-enthusiastic self so hopefully that will change once it’s completed, which might by a whole lot sooner than I anticipated.

I expected it to be a rather dull knit, with all the stockinette, but it’s actually humming along quite nicely.  I’m almost finished with the 16″ of the body already!  I can’t wait to finish it, but I have to first get my hands on some US8 DPNs and a US8 16-inch circular needle.  I really enjoy the Options needles from Knit Picks, but my latest order from them is supposed to arrive tomorrow.  And I’m not sure I can convince even myself that I should put in another one already.  So I might end up scrounging up some Clover bamboo needles from one of the local big box craft stores, just to be able to finish it.  Hopefully the weather cools down a wee little bit, so I can get it on J and get some pictures of him in it!

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Finito!  The pictures are less than stellar, but I absolutely love this sweater!  I wore it to work today and received many a compliment, so I’ve been walking on air all day.

If I look like I just rolled out of bed and threw some clothes on, that’s because I did.  And right after I was done, I was right back into my pajamas!  It was a Lazy Sunday, let me tell you.

Pattern: Sideways Spencer Redux by Annie Modesitt

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino in Cognac Heather, 4.5 skeins

Needles: US 8/5.0mm and US 7/4.5mm

In other news, the Jaywalker socks are sadly no more.  I turned the heel yesterday (there’s magic in turning a heel, isn’t there?  I felt like a genius when I was done.) and was so close to finishing the gusset when I tried them on.  Yep, too small.  All in all, though, I think it was for the best.  They were shaping up to be the Ugliest Socks Ever.  The variegation did not lend itself well to the stitch pattern.  I was all set to have ugly socks, but when I got a third of the way through the skein it was like the peacock blue didn’t take throughout.  So there would be random areas where there were great gaps of the lime green.  I think I’m going to try just a plain rib pattern to try to curtail some of the ugly.  There was just too much stockinette area in the Jaywalker, I think.

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