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That’s how I’m feeling about my knitting these days.  Meh.  Rudy Got Sole is no more.  I hate the yarn, and it was coming out way big looking.  I tried to perservere, but 40 minutes ago I gave up and chucked it.  I do have one finished Pomatomus, but absolutely no inclination to cast on for the second.   The first came out fine, but meh.  Nothing to write home about.   I’m making progress on the Garter Yoke Cardigan; right now I’m trying to decide whether to go for full-length sleeves or 3/4-length.  I found some buttons today, so I’m going to add them and try it on to get a feel for how it looks without my trying to clutch it closed with one hand.  My only “meh” about this project is that one of the buttonholes is off one stitch.  Sounds minor, and hopefully it will be, but everytime I look at it it’s GLARING AT ME.

In keeping with the negative theme of this post, I will apologize for the lack of pictures and offer the explanation that my camera is packed away.  Why is it packed, you might ask?  Well, because J was supposed to refinish our hardwood floors this weekend, and my big job was to pack up the rooms so that he could get started right away on Saturday afternoon.  Unfortunately he got called in to work at his Real Job (as opposed to his part-time gig he was working at Friday night and was supposed to work at Saturday morning).  That is not my beef; these things happen.  My beef, and what started the Weekend of Mehness, was that he strolled in Friday night at 9:00pm, looked at the near-empty room(s) and said “Oh, yeah.  I guess I should have called.  I have to work this weekend so we’ll do the floors next weekend.”



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I won!

Friday was a rather craptastic day, but lucky for me it ended on an upswing.  That evening I logged into Ravelry and found out I was one of the lucky winners for April’s Sock Innovation KAL!  I won a signed copy of the book!  I’m still so excited about it, even two days later!

In keeping with the good news, we had dinner with my BFF and her husband this evening, and she loved the socks.  She hasn’t tried them on yet, but eyeballing them she said they looked like they’d fit.  I should receive final verdict tomorrow, but I’m going to venture that these are a success!  I didn’t want to ask her to put them on at the restaurant, so I took some pictures before hand:

Pattern: BFF Socks by Cookie A.

Yarn: Araucania Ranco Solid in colorway 102

Needles: US2/2.75mm

For some reason I could not figure out the cable increase for the life of me.  What I did instead was on the row that called for the increase, I did a k1f&B twice in the appropriate stitches and worked the cable on the next row.  This doesn’t match the cable decreases at all, which bothered me a tad.  But I just couldn’t get the cable increase.  Believe me.  I tried.  Repeatedly.  The only other mod was to add another cable repeat for a total of 10 (not counting the make-shift cable increase cable) before working the heel flap to add a bit of length to the leg.

In UFO news, the Garter Yoke Cardigan has gotten put away until at least the May KAL socks are done, maybe J’s too.  I made somewhat decent progress on his Rudy Got Sole socks before throwing them over for Pomatomus.  My goal is to finish both pairs in May.  We’ll see how that works out.

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