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I’m rethinking the Tiveden socks.  I still love the pattern, I just don’t think that the Trekking XXL is the best yarn choice for it.  I find it to be a bit on the fuzzy side for the tiny twisted stitches and cables to really “pop”.  I really like the idea of using a green yarn (since the pattern is named after a forest.  Yes.  I am that big of a dork.), and the only yarn I have on hand that would fit the bill is the Araucania Ranco Solid that I used for the BFF socks.  I think it will do nicely…but I’m giving myself a break on this project, at least for the weekend.

Over my lunch break yesterday I started swatching for the Featherweight Cardigan.  I’m surprisingly pleased with the fabric I’m getting.  I didn’t think I’d like the look of stockinette in laceweight on US4/3.5mm, but I do.  I also want to toy with a K1P1 rib and a twisted K1P1 rib for the edging, as well as with the tubular cast off.  So I can work on that, or I can work on the lace.  Or the colorwork.  Oh, if making this decision was my biggest problem, what a happy girl I would be!


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Photographic Evidence

Again with the wonky light...

Tiveden lives!  For some reason the ribbing chart really kicked my ass… But I think I’ve found my groove now, and I anticipate that the pace will be picked up.  ( I really hope I didn’t just jinx myself with that last bit…!)

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I had hoped to have some progress to report, along with maybe some photographic evidence of it to boot.  Alas, it was not meant to be.  After several false starts, and one frogging after reaching the midway point on the ribbing chart, I have only now completed…..Row 1.

In a burst of inspiration yesterday, I decided to make these socks my mother-in-law’s Christmas present.   Her side of the family is originally from Sweden, so gifting her socks named after a forest there seemed rather appropriate (I’m sure I’ll have to explain it; I would be shocked if I didn’t and she just knew what Tiveden is, and anyway I’m not sure I’m saying it right (tiv-den?) so she would probably not recognize the word when I say it (her and my father-in-law have taken up learning Swedish.  No lie.  It’s pretty impressive.)  And this is me rambling…./end ramble).  This is the most challenging pattern I’ve attempted in my short sock-knitting career, so I’m glad I’ve got 4+ months until the end of December!  Pictures to come soon, I hope.  I think I’ve gotten the hang of it this time.  At any rate, I sure have the casting on down to a science.

In a further burst of inspiration, I’ve decided to knit socks for my father-in-law for Christmas as well.  He was suitably interested when I was knitting on the BFF socks in his presence; even more so when he saw that I actually turned the heel instead of just knitting a tube sock.  I’m not sure what pattern I’ll do for him, but suffice it to say it will be a lot less involved than Tiveden.  Both because I want to be able to get them finished and because he’s definitely not a fancy sock kind of guy.

I need to also squeeze in a pair for J.  I was chatting away happily at him yesterday, telling him about his mom’s socks and why I had picked the pattern and how I’m going to knit his dad some socks too, and yada yada yada.  He stopped, looked at me forlornly, and said “But where are my socks?”  Isn’t there an old story about a shoemaker’s children never having shoes?

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A fantastic new sock pattern!  I’ve been feeling at loose ends with my knitting.  The colorwork vest is more of a commitment than I want right now, and as far as the stole goes, I think I just like to be contrary and difficult with myself, which leads me to not want to work on the perfectly good project I have on the needles.  Nothing was holding my attention; I just couldn’t get absorbed in either project.

But that ended this morning when I was flipping through the latest edition of the Twist Collective.  As soon as I saw the Tiveden pattern by Alison Green Will (designer of the Hesperia Stole!  It was meant to be!) my fingers were positively itching to cast on!  So that’s how I’ll be spending my Monday night – happily absorbed in a new project!

Sorry for the dark pic; the light is rather wonky today...

Sorry for the dark pic; the light is rather wonky today...

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So fickle…

Less than a week ago I was all about the colorwork.  These days I’m all about the lace:

Please excuse the shoddy pinning and picture taking.  I was in a hurry.

Please excuse the shoddy pinning and picture taking. It's tough work, pinning and picture taking, all the while fending off three curious dogs!

I think it’s because the progress-making is so much more measurable on this project.  I’m (already) daunted by how long it takes to complete a round on that vest.  This doesn’t bode well, does it?

As for Hesperia, I’m on the ninth repeat of eleven, but I think I’m going to do twelve before starting the edging.  I want it to be plenty long, and I have more than the yardage called for.  I think I’m still on the fence about the variegated yarn.  Does it obscure the pattern too much?

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Slow Going

Wow, colorwork is intense!  At least it is for me when it’s an all-over colorwork sweater project and the only other colorwork I’ve done was on a considerably smaller scale.  I’m digging it, but the enormity of this project has finally hit me.  It’s going to be a looooong time before this sucker is done.  And since it doesn’t lend itself well to pick-it-up-put-it-down-pick-it-up knitting, I think it’s going to be relegated to the weekends, when I have long stretches of time to devote to knitting (bliss!).

The only other project I currently have going right now is the Hesperia Stole by Alison Green Will.  I love this pattern, but at first wasn’t too crazy about my yarn choice.  Variegated yarn for lace generally doesn’t float my boat, you know?  But I keep going with it because I enjoyed the pattern so much, and I’d need to use the yarn for something anyway.  It’s really starting to grow on me.

Of course, you can’t really tell anything from a picture of lace pre-blocking.  But trust me, the pattern is awesome.

In the upper left corner you can see the yarn I’m going to swatch with for the Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig.  I’m planning on going down a couple needle sizes from what is called for, mostly because I don’t like my lace on US 6/4.0mm so I can’t imagine I’m going to like a mostly stockinette sweater on that size needle either.  I can get a lot of use out of this type of sweater, and in fact have already mentally going through my wardrobe planning all the things I can pair it with.  I’ve also been cruising the project pages on Ravelry and found a couple that have inspired me.  The plan, however, is to finish Hesperia before I get started, so that I’m not too distracted from the colorwork project.  We’ll see how that goes…

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