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Was actually last Monday, but the week got away from me before I found the chance to post.

First up, my new winter shoes.  I’m not going to lie, they were mostly chosen for their ability to showcase hand-knit socks.

Ah, Doc Martens!  These take me straight back to my high school days when I lived in my Docs.  I had forgotten how heavy they were, but I’m getting used to them again.   There is an embossed flower detail that I wasn’t sure how crazy I’d be about, but I’m digging it:

I love these shoes.  Now I just need to add to my hand-knit sock collection, which is how I justified the purchase in the first place.  Although it didn’t take much justification; they were on sale for just $60.

The second package I received was from Stitchy Mushroom on Etsy.

I ordered one of her small box bags, and I love it!  It’s the perfect size for sock projects, and it is so beautifully made.

Her customer service is super great too!  I placed my order mid-morning on a Friday, and it was in my hot little hands Monday!  The zipper pull is cute too, like a little ball of yarn.

This is absolutely my favorite project bag I’ve ever bought, and I would definitely order another one, or three.  It totally works too.  I carried the Manly Socks around in it for a couple days, and then poof!  They were done!  I just need to pry them off of J’s feet long enough to wash them so that I can get a decent picture of them.  He’s been wearing them non-stop since I finished them last week.  I’m taking that as a sign that he likes them.


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Laziness doesn’t pay.

Can you see how big that sock was turning out?  Part of it was laziness; I quit with the slipped stitch ribbing after the leg.  I don’t know if J just has slim feet for a man, but it quickly became clear that some ribbing is needed to draw the fabric in.  I could just do a ton of decreases to get down to a wearable sock size, but ripping back and following the pattern sounds like the better option at this point.   See?  Laziness!  But in my defense, this was supposed to be my auto-pilot project.  The one I don’t have to think too hard about.  And I want that right now.  Nay, I need that right now.  So following the pattern as written it is!  But the above picture shows the wideness of the sole of the sock, which to me still looks awfully wide for his narrow foot.  I hope the ribbing pulls the whole thing in a lot.  If it comes out too big again, I’m tossing it.  So there.

In happier news, I rounded the first corner on Hesperia, and I think it turned out fairly well.  My interest in this project has been revived, but I’ve relegated it to weekend knitting since it’s getting awkward shifting it around as I’m working on it.  Also, for some reason I just cannot get the edging chart memorized.  I have to refer to it on every pattern row.  Nevertheless, I’m really enjoying the edging now that I’ve gotten through the dreaded first corner.  Forgive the badly lit picture, sunlight is at a premium around here these days.

At this point I’m trying to finish some of the things currently on the needles before starting anything new.  But striped knee-high socks and owl-y cardigans are still on my mind…

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I turned the heel on the first Manly Sock and am about halfway through the gusset.  In a fit of what I know now was misguided pro-activism, I decided to have him try it on.  It looked to me like it was too big in the heel.  I think he saw the crazed look in my eye, and he hurried to assure me that it was “fine”.  Ugh, I hate that adjective.  I wondered out loud if I should rip it back, and he nixed that idea.  Again with the “fine”.  So I’m going to press on.  I know that they will get worn, if only around the house.  But knowing that it’s not entirely right (I’m trying to be positive here, when what I really want to say is that it’s wrong, wrong, WRONG!) is really killing my mojo to get it done.  And then I’ll have a second ill-fitting sock to knit.  Sigh.

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Going Back and Forth

First off, I found the elusive needle, so knitting has resumed on some Manly Socks.  I’ve also made some fairly significant (in my eyes) progress on the knitted-on border of the Hesperia Stole.  I turned the first corner but then ripped it back because it looked a little sloppy.  Hopefully the second time will be more successful, although it is currently in time-out because I don’t even want to look at it right now after working on it all day!

I’m going back and forth on what to cast on for next.  Obviously I have a few projects going, but nothing is really exciting me right now.  At times like this I turn to my queue and my stash and start scheming.  In the course of my scheming this week, I decided I need a pair of knee socks.  Striped knee socks.  I’ve found the pattern and everything.  Then I thought of the 9 beautiful skeins of Araucania Nature Wool I recently acquired and my thoughts turned to sweaters.  My original thought was a pullover, because of the four sweaters I’ve completed for myself, all four have been cardigans.  But what can I say?  I love me a cardigan.  From cruising my Ravelry queue, I rediscovered owls by Kate Davies.  But my yarn isn’t bulky, and I’m leaning towards a cardigan…Then I found this gem!  The nagging, bad voice in my head is telling me I’m nuts to try to convert a pullover into a cardigan at the same time I’m trying to change the gauge.  Another voice is telling me it’s knitting, not neurosurgery.  The worst that can happen is I’ll have to rip it out and try it again (and I’ve proven I can do that as recently as today…).  I think I’m just going to dive in and start swatching and see what happens next.

One thing I’m glad I didn’t go back and forth on was my decision to change my hair.  I was always a really blonde kid, and then employed the services of a magician in the form of a stylist to keep it up as I got older.  With the turning of the season, I decided to go dark.  Waaaaaay dark, on the advice of aforementioned magician.  It’s actually darker than my natural color (by a lot), but I love it.  She left in some blonde as highlights, so I wouldn’t go into complete shock when I saw myself.  But I  think maybe I was supposed to have dark hair.  It just feels natural, somehow!

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It was bound to happen.

And today it finally did. I lost my first DPN. I swear the sucker got up and walked away on it’s own. This unfortunate event is made all the worse since it is one of a set of the only US2/2.75mm DPNs I have, and I was finally starting to make headway on a pair of socks for J.

Now I’ll have to figure out another project to cast on for. (Let’s not talk about the projects I already have going that I could pick back up.) But that’s actually a whole ‘nother post, one I’ve actually been working on, albeit in my head, the last couple days.

To be continued….

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