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Victory is mine!

I finished the July/swap socks a little less than two hours ago! <insert happy dance here>

I feel as though a tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders, which is rather ridiculous as I’ve attempted to point out to myself several times over the past week. I knit for fun, for relaxation, and because I just plain ‘ol love it. I put too much pressure on myself when I have deadlines, even self-imposed ones, which completely sucks all the enjoyment out of the process.  I’m going to work on that.

A catch-up post is on its way; I’ve got three finished pairs of socks to show, as well as a new project I’m currently swatching for, and another one that distracted me during my first misbegotten attempt at my July/swap socks.

Hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of blogging again, and with any luck this will be the last picture-less post for awhile. I know I prefer posts with pictures and I’m betting I’m not alone…


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I’ve been writing in my head several different “catch-up” posts for the last several weeks, but could not find the motivation to actually type them out. This is not one of those drafts.

This is my panic post.

I came to the realization approximately 45 minutes ago that my July socks (yes, my May and June socks featured prominently in those mental drafts…) are likely not going to happen. This wouldn’t be so bad if they were not part of a swap. The worst part is my undoing is my own fault. I finished the first sock, and didn’t try it on. After waiting a week, distracted by other knitting that is now hidden away to avoid further temptation, I started the second one last night. And for whatever reason, decided to try the first one on tonight. It was too small for me, and that will not work for my swap partner.  After some frantic scurrying around, I think I’ve figured out a new, stretchier pattern to go with, and how many needle sizes I should need to go up. I just really hope I don’t overcompensate and end up sending baggy, saggy socks! The deadline for the swap is not until the end of August, so I have plenty of time to get them done.  But I must admit, I’m even more nervous about this swap than I was at the beginning. I can’t stand the thought of my partner getting her package and being disappointed. It would crush me. And so the anxiety has kicked into overdrive!

As far as the July sock thing goes, I feel like I’ve done so well so far, knitting a pair of socks every month of 2010 for the KAL! Technically, there aren’t even any rules to this KAL, except for the ones I’m imposing on myself. Truly the goal is to have 12 finished pairs by the end of the year. I could knit them all in December, technically. Except. It burns me to not have a pair of July socks!

I envision some long nights in the next week-and-a-half.  All of this rambling to say, those catch-up posts? They’re going to have to wait a bit longer…

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