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First FO of 2011!

Pattern: TV Guy by Anna Hrachovec

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino in Leaf Green, Dark Grey Mix, and Black

Needles: US5/3.75mm

I had a blast with this one! I knit the little guy up as a birthday present for a friend who enjoys TV and movies as much as I do. He seemed to be a hit, which made me happy! I was a little afraid the finishing would be tediously fiddly, but I actually enjoyed it. The details really make this project for me, like the plug. Too cute!

I have never really given much thought to knitted toys, but Knitting Mochimochi might have changed this for me. I’m already kicking around the idea of knitting another TV Guy for myself (I think my desk at work NEEDS one, really.), but even if I don’t this book has earned its place in my library. The technique section has such great pictures and instructions that after I read through it a couple times, I wasn’t afraid at all to tackle the seaming that I was initially dreading. It’s a great resource, and one I can see returning to again and again for all my seaming needs.


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So way back at the end of October I posted about the socks I received as part of the first International Sock Swap. I put in the heels shortly after that, and promptly forgot about them (except to wear them, of course).

Here are the socks as I received them:

Getting ready to put in the heels:

And the finished pair!

I think I prefer a flap heel to the afterthought, in terms of fit, but I had fun with these. I’d like to try a short row heel sometime, maybe when/if I tackle the toe-up technique?

In other knitting news, the Antonia Capelet is no more as of this afternoon. It was just coming out way too small to be of any practical use, even as a neckerchief like I was aiming for. This I decided for sure as I was starting the sixth and final repeat, even thought it was a niggling thought at the back of my mind since about the fourth or so. I do really like the pattern, so I think I’ll definitely try it again but with larger needles.

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I’m not one for the whole “new year” resolution thing. But the past couple of weeks I have spent some time thinking about what my knitting may bring in 2011. I hesitate to call them goals, because I’m not entirely committed to tackling each one. The are more like aspirations that if I don’t achieve in 2011, well, I guess I’ll see what 2012 brings…

I’d like to get back into lace. I’ve got a start on this one with the Antonia Capelet. I’m thinking about doing a big lace project this year, and maybe throwing beads into the mix as well. I’d like to conquer toe-up socks. I’ve tried twice and didn’t care for the technique, but I’ve got my eye on some striped knee socks and I think toe-up is the way to go for those. I’d also like to work on my sweater knitting, in terms of fitting to flatter my shape and finishing techniques. I’m hoping my Christmas present will help me with this:


So there you have it. Some things I hope to accomplish in 2011. But if I’m not able to get to them all, or even any of them, I’m determined not to beat myself up about it. I guess that’s a resolution of sorts after all…

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