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Caught in the act!

Proof positive that not only are cats attracted to knitting that is being blocked…

…shaggy little dogs are too.


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Impeccable Timing

I screwed up my courage and put in the zipper on the Zip Up Cardigan. Just in time for spring to arrive.

That's Oto in the lower right-hand corner. He's excited to see spring and was running around like a crazy dog. I'm surprised he's not just a blur.

Pattern: Zip Up Cardigan by Hannah Fettig

Yarn: Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool in 8063 Grey-Brown

Needles: US9/5.5mm and US10.5/6.5mm

I finished the knitting and seaming of this in about 4 weeks. I think I sewed it all together on New Year’s Eve, as a matter of fact. It didn’t actually take me almost 4 months to sew in the zipper. It took about that long to convince myself to go ahead and do it already, but only about 3 evenings over the course of a couple weeks to baste in the zipper and then (painstakingly!) sew it in by hand. I’m pretty proud of the (relative) evenness of my stitches though:

I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I need to try blocking it a bit more aggressively; J thinks it’s a little tight in the arms especially. I think it looks good on him as it is, but I want him to wear the darn thing so I’ll see what I can do. I didn’t make any real modifications, other than using the tubular cast-on and bind-offs. Overall, it’s simple, yet effective and I guess that makes it perfect for a man sweater. I hope that it will get a lot of wear. Already I’m thinking if J doesn’t wear it next fall and winter, I’ll steal it for myself. It looks like a good cuddle-up-and-get-cozy sweater to me! And I can safely say that I’ve conquered my fear of zippers. Sewing it in by hand got rather monotonous, and really made me wish I was on better terms with my sewing machine, but it was rather soothing as well. I might have to make a zippered cardigan for myself. As in intended for myself from the get-go and not just re-purposed.

And now, a variety of gratuitous shots! Both because I like this sweater the more I look at it, and because I like how these pictures turned out. I apologize in advance for the over-kill!

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Necessity, or the nagging voice that sets in when you start to think you’re going to run out of yarn?

I encountered this voice earlier on with the 3×1 Ribbed Socks than most people usually might with their projects. Maybe because I ran out of yarn on the last pair of socks I knit for J, but I’ve had a niggling suspicion all along that I would be short on this pair too. So on the first sock’s toe, I put in my first ever lifeline thinking if I ran out I’d just frog back and knit a different colored toe from that point. I finished the last round of the sock and weighed the yarn; I had approximately half the skein left. But since my scale is not digital, and is in fact super duper cheap, I don’t really trust it (Note to self: buy a new, trustworthy scale). Not wanting to give J a second pair of socks in a row with a mismatched toe, I decided to try to eek every last bit of yarn out of this skein. So I put the first socks stitches on holders and started the second sock from the outside of the ball. At least this way, if I have to do contrasting toes, they will match. This is the ‘fight’ that has killed my mojo on this project.

On a happier note, I made a pair of baby booties out of some of the yarn left over from the Hedera socks.

Pattern: Christine’s Stay-On Baby Booties

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in Blue Yonder

Needle: US2.5/3.0mm

I’ve made this pattern once before, and I’m working on another set for a cousin expecting twin girls in August. So it appears that almost a year later I’m correct; this pattern has become my go-to baby gift pattern! I made these with no particular recipient in mind, but I’m sure they will find a good home at some point.

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Inspired by the Knit Girllls and their fabulous striped socks, and enabled by Carin at Round the Twist, I purchased my first official skein of self-striping sock yarn. Well, make that my first two skeins.

I say official because it occurs to me that the Jawoll Magic by Lang Yarns that I used awhile back to make my first pair of socks with afterthought heels may be considered by some to be self-striping. Maybe it’s because of the soft color transitions, but I don’t consider it as such.

But I digress.

This is the Light My Fire colorway from Three Ewes Twisted in Fiber in their Blue Ewe base. As soon as I saw the colorway they did for Carin I had to check them out, especially since they were offering a 10% discount for her viewers! I scored this one through their Art Fire shop, and then went over to check them out on etsy.

And that’s where the real fun began! This is one of their custom Candy Heart colorways in their Ewe Look Great in Stripes offering. I got to pick the color for my main stripe (purple, of course!), a phrase to be written on the white stripe (I chose Kiss Me) as well as the color of the lettering (hot pink).

I’m itching to cast on with one of these! I’m telling myself I can’t until I finish J’s socks, but we got into a kind of fight last week (the socks and me,  not J!) so I’m a bit stalled out on them. I figured out a way to deal with the issue, but I’ve lost a lot of my mojo for the project. I think a pair of striped socks might be just thing to reignite my sock knitting. (Get it? Reignite? Light My Fire? Har.)

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