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I reblocked it and used a blocking wire to keep the fronts from getting too long and wonky compared to the back and it already looks better. Before, the fronts hung down a couple inches further than the back, and it was much wider. This time I matched the front edges to the center of the back and then wove the wire in to keep everything in line, which worked so much better than just eyeballing it. I think it also helped doing that part while it was almost dry and then re-wetting it with a spray bottle. Looking back on it, I think where I went wrong was not rolling it in towels and squeezing out as much excess water as possible before trying to lay it out. I don’t always do that with my wool sweaters, but maybe the silk requires it (I don’t think I mentioned previously, the yarn is Malabrigo Silky Merino. Gorgeous stuff, it is!)? It seems that in just the little time it was held up to lay it out, the weight of the wet garment stretched it completely out of proportion, and I didn’t think of using the wire until after I had tried it on and threw a fit. I guess I had hoped that my lying eyes were, well, lying that it was the size of a small house cozy instead of a sweater a normal person could wear.

This re-blocking attempt isn’t without its faults, however. The bottom garter band looks rather wavy from my hasty weaving in of the wire, though, and to prevent having to do that each time I wash the cardigan I’m thinking about sewing in a ribbon to stabilize it a bit. That, or take more care when weaving in the wire. I’m still mulling that one over…

The stitch markers indicate possible button/hook-and-eye placement. They are spread further apart and down the yoke than I originally intended (or re-intended, as this will be my second attempt at placement here). But this is the dress I wanted to make a sweater for, and specifically to allow me to wear it to work. So I needed to cover both the tank straps (not dress code compliant) and the cleavage-inducing bodice (most definitely not dress code compliant). I’ll probably tinker with the placement a bit to bring them up the yoke while still leaving something (namely, my cleavage) to the imagination.

But overall I’m already feeling a lot better about this project. Hooray!


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Yep. That sums it up nicely.

It started (ended?) with such promise. Using up as much yarn as possible. There was probably about 8 inches left, all told. That bind off row was pretty stressful, but man, did it ever feel good to get it squeaked out with such little left over!

And then came the soaking/blocking. And the thing grew a ridiculously huge amount width-wise. I spaced the buttons (Purely for show, since the pattern did not place buttonholes but suggested small enough buttons to push through the garter rows.  For function I used hook-and-eyes.) about 3 inches apart, all the way down the sweater. However, I placed them on the opposite side, so I have to re-do them anyway. But this second go ’round I’m going to try placing them closer together and just at the yoke. I’m hoping then that it will look more A-line and flow-y instead of like a big ol’ sack on me. A pretty sack, but a sack none-the-less, and not at all the look I was going for.

But for now, I can hardly stand to look at the thing. So the buttons and hooks and eyes will come off tonight and then hopefully be re-done at some point this week.


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What? Me worry?

I was a finishing fool this weekend, but I’ll start with the project that’s been languishing the longest.  They were started all way back in the end of January (not really all that long ago, but that’s long for me and a pair of socks), and my worry of a yarn shortage caused me to put them aside as if that would magically cause more yarn to appear. Turns out the worry was for naught.

I promise there are two finished socks, but J is an unwilling model at best and for some reason would only put on one sock tonight. I know. I don’t get it either. And because I do love a nice eye of partridge heel:

Pattern: improvised

Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Men in Gray

Needles: US1.5/2.5mm

Nothing at all innovative or earth-shattering about these. Just a basic 3×1 ribbed sock with an eye of partridge heel. I did do a 1×1 rib for the cuff, if that’s of any interest. That seems to be my rib of choice for sock cuffs, come to think of it.

And in the end, after all my worrying and life-lining and working from both ends of the ball of yarn, I ended up with 8 grams left over. Into the bag of scraps for my sock yarn blanket it goes!

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