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The Doors’ song might seem strange to have stuck in one’s head while knitting a pair of plain stockinette socks, until you learn the name of this particular colorway. Then it makes perfect sense. Really.

Pattern: Just a plain ol’ 72-stitch stockinette sock with an afterthought heel.

Yarn: Three Ewes Twisted in Fiber Blue Ewe in Light My Fire

Needles: US1/2.25mm

Yep, Light My Fire. And they did. They really really did!

This is my first pair of honest-to-goodness self-striping socks, and I can’t believe how well the stripes matched up. Sure it took a bit of finagling, but not a terrible amount. I just measured how far from the beginning of a red section I placed my slipknot for the cast-on and made sure I put it in about the same spot on a red section for the second sock.

Things were lining up beautifully until I got to the foot of the second sock. After putting it down for a day or two to sulk, I decided to maintain the stripe sequence and just shorten the foot by a few rows. At first it made my anal retentive heart hurt (since I always keep careful count of exactly how many rows go into each leg and each foot of each sock I knit to make them exactly. the. same. always.) but I quickly got over it once I cast off and put them on.

I honestly can’t feel the difference between the “short” sock and the “long” sock. And I’m not just humoring myself either. I’m not saying I’m going to give up my anal retentive ways; I’m sure I’ll still be counting my rows and taking meticulous notes. But it’s nice to know that I can throw caution to the wind when I need to, and walk on the wild side. Heh.

And can I just say this yarn is fabulous? This yarn is fabulous! I picked it up on a whim when I ordered some of the Three Ewes Candy Hearts, where I got to pick the colors of my stripes. Reds and oranges aren’t usually my bag, but I couldn’t resist. I will admit that I had some doubts as to the colorway when I started the socks, but I love love love it now that they’re done.

I’m saving the Candy Hearts for a bit as a special treat for myself, which is silly since I can (and should and most likely will) order more. They are currently on vacation until July 7th, which is just as well since I’m trying to be good and limit my yarn purchases. And I already have a couple other orders I’ve been daydreaming about…and should be able to place soon.

I kid you not, J actually asked me today if I ever ordered the yarn I’ve been yammering about (ok, he didn’t use the word ‘yammering’.). I told him I was trying to wait until the end of July, trying to be good, I don’t “need” more yarn right now. He looked at me like I was off my rocker (and ok, I was surprised when the words came out of my mouth too) and said that I don’t need to wait.

I’ve been talking about wanting to try Woobu from Blue Moon Fiber Arts (for a Vergennes Pullover), and a couple more skeins of Socks That Rock while I was at it. I finally got myself some for my birthday this year, and I’ve been coveting more ever since!

Then earlier this week I made the fateful decision of finally checking out the Unique Sheep’s Gradiance colorways, and fell in love with both the Midnight Delight colorway and the In Dreams shawl, so I mentioned that I would eventually like to buy a kit.

It just occurred to me just how much he really does pay attention when I talk yarn…I always thought he just figured out the timing as to when to nod and making non-committal noises. “Uh-huh” and “Mm-hmm” being among the favorites.

Anyway, to try to make a long story a little shorter, we had made a deal a month or so ago that we both could have a some walking around money to treat ourselves, since we’ve done so well buckling down and paying off all of our miscellaneous debt. His big purchase for himself was a hoist to take the top off of his Jeep and store it. We found out I’m pretty much useless in that regard last summer, right after we got it. It wasn’t so bad taking it off as it was trying to lift it up high enough to get it back on. Let’s just say he has a small scratch and minor dent on what had been my side from where my arms couldn’t hold it high enough for long enough. He also got stuff for several home improvement projects. Including a ceiling fan for my craft room/office. Nothing like someone being completely and totally selfless to make you feel like a yarn-grubbing heel, you know?

I’m trying to stick to my guns and not order anything until the end of July like I was planning up until about 5 hours ago, but now that I know he expects me to get the yarn, how can I not? Sigh. So much for being good. Any bets on how long this self-restraint will last?


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A Good Read

And a pretty good way to spend a Saturday evening, in my opinion.

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..I made my step-sister a pair of fingerless mitts and gave them to her a few weeks ago. Just in time for summer.

She is in her first year of college pursuing a nursing degree after graduating high school a year early, and she decided to take classes this summer in order to get an even bigger head start on things. I’m so proud of her, and all the grown-up decisions she’s making.

I figured if she’s anything like me, her hands probably get cold in those drafty classrooms and libraries where she’s doing all this studying but that she’d still need to be able to type for notetaking and whatnot. I gave them to her, along with my reasoning for making them for her (expecting that she would naturally be confused as to why I was giving her fingerless mitts at the end of May) and the first thing she said was “Awesome! Texting gloves!”

She is still 17, after all.

Pattern: Armwarmers  by Brigids Hearth

Yarn: Knit Picks Imagination in Mermaid Lagoon

Needles: US0/2.0mm

I modified these slightly by decreasing to 64 stitches instead of 48. They are pretty snug, so decreasing anymore would have made them pretty much unwearable I think. I am nothing if not a super-tight knitter, I guess. I also reduced the length, mostly because I was getting bored, which was a very smart move because these pretty much took exactly one skein of the Imagination yarn.

When I finished them, I debated whether or not to give them away; I liked them that much! In the end it was easy to decide, since I do have another skein of the same yarn. If I hadn’t, I don’t think they’d be texting gloves.

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I’ve fallen behind on posting my recently finished projects. So here I go again playing catch-up, starting with my first-ever Baby Surprise Jacket:

Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy in Blue Lagoon

Needles: US5/3.75mm

I won’t re-invent the wheel by waxing poetic about the genius of this pattern, and of EZ herself. Suffice it to say this was a very enjoyable knit. It was so intriguing that I finished it in less than three days. I started it on a Saturday afternoon and finished it up on a Monday night as soon as I got home from work. I just couldn’t stop knitting on it, wanting to see how it would come together.

I did start (and finish) this with no particular baby in mind, but it didn’t take very long for a recipient to present itself. A couple weeks after it was done I gifted it to a co-worker who is expecting her first baby, a little boy, in September. Lest you think I’ve lost my mind and have taken to foisting handknits on unsuspecting (and undeserving) people, I did test the waters with a pair of booties. Both her and her husband were so delighted with them that I knew immediately that they were knitworthy, and decided to gift them the sweater as well. She was so happy to receive both gifts, and said she’d like to learn to knit, as did another co-worker. Hopefully we’ll find time soon to sit down so I can get them started.

As a knitting ambassador, I consider this a job well done!

The color is more true-to-life in this picture.

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