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The best laid plans…

So remember how I had this grand idea of taking the Geodesic Cardigan “on location” for its FO photo shoot? Yeah, it didn’t happen. Oh, we made it to St. Louis.

One of the three wedding parties we watched taking pictures in front of the Arch in the space of 30 minutes

J was the one in charge of taking the pictures from the top of the Arch. My job was to not freak out.

Apparently I drastically underestimated just how hot and steamy that city is in mid-July. I couldn’t bear the thought of carrying the thing outside of the hotel room, much less putting it on even for the few minutes it would take to snap a couple pictures.

In fact, I still need to re-block it and get any kind of finished pictures of it. I don’t have any excuse for not having done so already, other than coming down with a horrible summer cold the week after we got back from St. Louis (it at least had the courtesy to wait until Wednesday of that week, the day I went back to work, for which I am thankful for. Nothing worse than being sick on a vacation day!). Then last week my non-knitting life went haywire and got insanely busy. I hate when that happens. But I think I’ve got things back under control and will be able to resume my usual level of knitting. Everyone’s happier when that is the case, believe me.

Speaking of happy, J picked up a new hobby recently – restoring old electric fans. We had a good time on the drive down to St. Louis, stopping at a couple antique malls. He ended up picking up a couple cool fans.

I guess old 6-blade fans are desirable? J was very excited to find this one, at any rate.

Why am I also happy about this new-found hobby? Because I’m hoping he’ll start to understand, in some small way, my obsession with knitting and my constant want of more yarn. I do also confess it has given me a new appreciation of the non-knitting perspective. I mean, old fans? Really? Whatever makes you happy, sweets…!

We also picked up the top of an old electric pole, the kind with the old glass transistors across it. J is an electrical CAD technician, so he likes that kind of thing (his team worked on some of the lighting for the Arch. I am willing to bet we were the only ones looking for the generator house that weekend. I know we were the only ones taking pictures of it.). I mostly just think it will look really cool hanging on the living room wall.

We also picked up an old bingo ball hopper!

The ladies that rung us up asked if we already had the bingo balls. I told her that I’m a knitter, and I plan to put my odds and ends of yarn in it to display in my living room. They looked at me in surprise and one said “What a great idea! Who would think of such a thing?”

Only a knitter, of course.


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The Geodesic Cardigan has tucks! It also has sleeves. In fact, I finished it last night and was so stoked I wore it to work today. I had blocked the body and both sleeves before setting them in, so it wasn’t a total mess but it could probably use another good blocking.

The “official” FO post will have to wait, though, because we’re going to St. Louis this weekend to see U2 with my brother and sister-in-law, and I got a cracked notion about taking the pictures there. I’m silly-tickled with the thought of “going on location” for my sweater’s photo shoot. Hee. So between now and then I will be posting a couple other finished projects I finished lately.

Up next, the Providence Hoodie. I’ve been itching to cast this baby on for over a month but figured one sweater on the needles, particularly in the summertime, was quite enough. I think this is the sweater that Abby from the Knit Knit Cafe podcast said she couldn’t imagine knitting for all the moss stitch a few episodes back. That made me smile, since that texture is what attracted me to it in the first place! Definitely different strokes for different folks!

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