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Drawing a Line

I’ve drawn a line in the sand.

I’ve avoided blogging for awhile, mostly because of the dreaded “catch-up” post that got longer and longer the more projects I finished (which would consist of two baby sweaters, a shawlette, a baby hat and sock set, a pair of adult socks and two cardigans, according to my Ravelry notebook.). So finally I decided not to do one. To just start fresh (complete with a new look to the blog!), and focus more on chronicling my knitting in progress instead of just finished projects.

In that spirit, there are a couple of the projects I’ve been alternately working on this long holiday weekend.

This is a pair of socks for J, and my own design. For the most part it’s just a plain stockinette sock to suit the variegated yarn, but I threw in a cable I found while flipping through the Harmony Guide’s Cables & Arans on both sides of the leg and continue them down the foot. I’m pretty proud of how it’s coming out, and although I can’t imagine there would be much interest in it, I think I’m going to work up the pattern to see what all that entails. The pair should be finished at some point today; I started the toe of the second sock earlier this afternoon.

I’m also close to finishing a pair of fingerless mitts as part of my best friend’s Christmas present.

They are likely to be the extent of my Christmas knitting this year, and I’m ok with that. I was kicking around the idea of knitting mini-stockings for some of my co-workers, and I still may do it. Or I may not. There are so many other things I’m itching to knit instead!


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