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The Disappearing Sock

It was J’s sock that got ripped out.

I hadn’t gotten to the toe on the first one before I realized I wouldn’t have enough yarn for a full second sock. It was just a simple garter ribbed sock across 80 stitches using US1.5/2.5mm, which I’ve used for a couple other pairs of simple ribbed socks for him, using yarn with similar yardage (and the exact same kind of yarn, Trekking XXL, for one).


But apparently garter rib eats up more yarn than 3×1 rib does. This is good to know.


Eventually I’ll restart it, dropping the stitch count and going up a needle size.

After After

I probably should have done that immediately after frogging, instead of heeding the siren call of starting a sweater…But it’s always more fun to ring in the new year with a brand-spanking new project!


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Guessing Games

I’ve got two pairs of socks on the needles – one for me and one for J. Can you guess whose is whose?

Double points for guessing which one has already made a trip to the frog pond since this picture was taken.

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I do like me some stripes.

Pattern: Noro Striped Scarf by Jared Flood

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden in 274 and 304

Needle: US7/4.5mm

This took me forever to finish, because it was boring as all get out to knit, but I’ve been wearing the stuff out of it ever since.

I really lost steam about halfway through. That’s when I finished the first two balls and matching up the colors on the next two seemed too much of a bother. Then the glaring color change started to bother me.

I tried to tell myself that that would just mark the dead center of the scarf, and besides, I could tie it in such a way as to hide that part. I don’t think I ever truly convinced myself, and the last half was a real slog. When I finally got to the end, I had to cut it short by two rows due to running short on yarn. It bothered my perfectionist side that the color change wasn’t going to be dead center after all. I know, I need to let this kind of thing go.

But holding it up, the second half is actually a bit longer than the first despite being short two rows. You can see it in this picture, which is the way I typically wear the scarf (please also notice the glaring color change being situated front and center. Sigh.) I changed to the Continental way of knitting over the summer and figured it was just a scarf so any change in gauge wouldn’t be disastrous.

Fortunately, my happiness in stripes far and away exceeds all of these complaints. I love this scarf, and the colorful stripes are just the thing to brighten up those gray and cold winter days. We’ve lucked out this winter, and have actually have had sun and 40 degrees but I have a feeling that “real” winter is going to come sooner than later so I will appreciate even more this warm cheerful scarf!

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…to give to a knitter is clearly a knitting-related gift.

Despite our decision to not exchange gifts this year, J and I both got each other a little something.

I guess he noticed me checking out these knitting abacuses a month ago, musing about it being a potential birthday present for myself in February, and must have filed it away for future reference. I don’t know how he does it; I was on the site for all of about 2 minutes in his presence.

Now to find some counting to do!


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We have bind off.

Let the finishing begin!

Right after I smooth out that bit of wonkiness  on the right-side’s garter stitch hem so that it blocks out nicely and evenly…

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Falling Down at the Yarn Store

I fell down at my LYS this past weekend.

I went in to get some yarn for a pair of legwarmers for my eldest niece. My plan was for that to be my only purchase (ha!), but on my way out the door J said not to go too crazy. Which to me meant it was ok to go a little crazy.

I personally don’t think I even touched crazy, but he might beg to differ. To which I say, what does he know about it anyway?

In addition to legwarmer yarn (Berroco Comfort), I picked up three skeins of Koigu KPPPM that were on sale to add to my hoard stash for what will eventually be a Beekeeper’s Quilt.

Since I already have a sock yarn scrap blanket going, I have this harebrained idea of doing a blanket entirely out of Koigu. Right now I’m in the acquisition phase. I expect I will eventually start it before completing this phase, but the idea of having two pieced blankets on the needles simultaneously leaves me twitchy. So it won’t be started for sometime, I think.

Then Joe, the owner, very nicely pointed out the new coffee mugs they had gotten in just a couple days earlier.

Even the box is adorable. There were several designs to chose from, but given J’s recent affinity to IndyCar racing (thanks bunches, Dad.), which has stretched to include Formula One (he draws the line at NASCAR, though. I’m grateful, but don’t quite understand the distinction.), I had to go for the one with the sheep racing a donkey-powered cart.

My favorite part is the “Form-Ewe-la One” on the inside of the mug. (Please pardon the blurriness.)

I was on my way out the door when Joe flagged me down to give me an adorable little mitten ornament plus the pattern, a kind of holiday card from the shop.  I might have to re-purpose some sock yarn scraps for some of these. I think I can see a Christmas tree done entirely in knitted miniature mittens, socks and sweaters in my future. It might be the quite distant future, but hey, I think I’ve already demonstrated my proclivity for planning far off future projects. What’s one more?

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Nice to meet you, Mr. Yarn.

Emily of the Whatcha Swatchin video podcast recently introduced me to Mr. Yarn, and I think I love him.

As soon as I saw the “Knitters Gonna Knit” project bags, I knew I had to have one. So I ordered two. And yarn for some long-contemplated and now really coveted fingerless mitts. Purple is my absolute favorite color, and it goes exceptionally well with green. In my humble opinion, of course.

I also did some damage at my LYS this weekend. But let’s spread the yarn love out a couple posts, shall we?

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