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Show me your teeth.

The Hitchhiker has long since been finished. Before the Rainbow Socks, even. I could have made it much longer, but I liked the idea of stopping at 42 teeth. And let’s face it, I was over the garter stitch by that point anyway.

Pattern: Hitchhiker by Martina Behm

Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Sock in 800 Tiziano Red

Needles: US4/3.5mm

I almost wish I had just sucked it up and made it longer/wider, but I think I will use it enough as is. And that’s pretty much all I have to say about that. No modifications. I probably would make another, but likely in a variegated yarn to give it more interest.


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Pocketful of Sunshine

More like a shoeful of rainbows.

I did take baby steps, not miniscule ones; these have been finished for almost two weeks. There have just been quite a few things happening these last couple weeks here at Chez Knitastic. Good things. Fantastic things, even. But they mean that I only just got around to snapping some sock pictures this past weekend, in the midst of our first (and hopefully last) real snow of the winter.

Pattern: 72-stitch stockinette sock with Star Toe and (afterthought) Heel

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in Rainbow

Needles: US1/2.25mm

I was worried about cutting my knitting, but it was really more of a snip than a cut.

Still, I feel like it’s a good first step in the general direction of steeking a sweater. I’ll get there someday.

It was smooth sailing from that point. I’ve done a couple other afterthought heels using a Wedge Heel since that is my go-to toe, but I decided to try a Star Toe with these, and knew I would hate the socks if I didn’t do a matching heel.

I know it looks like it should be uncomfortable, but it fits great on my heel and I don’t feel the decreases at all.

I think I prefer it to the Wedge Heel, actually, plus I like the look better. Initially I felt that the Star Toe was a bit roomy but I’m coming around to it. I may not use it again on “regular” socks, but I definitely will for self-striping ones.

I really wanted to have matching stripes, so I measured out where I started each time so I could get as close as I could. I think I ended up being only a row or two off. I’ll take it.

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