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Roll Interrupted

My posting roll got waylaid by a not-so-spectacular week last week followed by an equally lackluster weekend, but I hope to get it going again.

I have a finished Lodi cardigan, progress on some happy striped socks, a bulky-weight sweater that seems to be knitting itself, and a sweater’s quantity worth of recently acquired yarn to show.

Hopefully I can find some patches of late afternoon sun to take pictures so I don’t have to go another week to get some pictures. Because picture-less blog posts tend to be real snoozers. Sorry about that.


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Ups and Downs

Down: I “got” to work from 9:30pm Friday night until 6:00am Saturday morning.

Up: I got to attend my first ever knitting class, Finishing Techniques I, at my LYS Personal Threads Boutique on Saturday afternoon. While I can’t say I learned a ton of new things, I had a lot of fun and I did pick up some handy tips and tricks. Plus, as a self-taught knitter, I found the validation that the way I’ve been doing some of my finishing is in fact a good way to do it almost worth the cost of the class alone.

Down: After the class, J and I went to the county fair with his parents. I’ve been thinking about submitting something to either the county or state fair next year and wanted to scope out the kinds of things other people have submitted. It was miserably hot, and there were practically no knitted items to speak of. The state fair is 3 hours west of us, and it doesn’t seem likely we’ll make it out there this year. So I may just end up checking out the submission requirements online and go for it. The worst that could happen is I get one of those participant ribbons (do they give those to grown-ups?) or else no ribbon at all. I can live with that.

Up: Fair food! Ribbon fries, frozen hot chocolate, and funnel cake. Delicious!

Up: On Sunday J and I decided to check out a few antique stores looking for fans. He didn’t end up coming home with anything, but I found a framed picture of some vintage children’s socks and a couple of old wooden sock blockers.

I’m not exactly sure why I’m so taken with the framed piece, but I am.  The middle sock I’m fairly certain is hand knit, and the one on the left looks like the heel was darned. The sock blockers are too big even for J’s feet, so I think that I will hang them on the wall on either side of the framed socks. A kind of tribute to sock knitting.

Down: A big storm knocked out our power at 4am this morning. It came back on right as I was leaving for work. After I had already gotten ready by flashflight, of course.

Up: The gorgeous skein of yarn I ordered from an etsy seller arrived in the mail today!

This is Kelpie Fiber’s Appalachian Trail Sock Yarn in Rockfish Gap. I was reading some forum posts in Ravelry when I spotted her ad at the bottom,  after I had already clicked “next page”. I immediately clicked the back button on the browser and am so glad I did! I love this skein of yarn! The colors make me happy.

Up: Also in the mail today, a surprise package from my oldest and dearest friend in the world, Kim. She’s the best person I know, and she knows me better than I know myself. She showed interest in my knitting before she herself started knitting (she also taught herself, several months ago!), and still talks about the socks and cowl I knit her. She moved to Michigan last year, but some how she still seems to know exactly when I need her, and the words I need to hear.

I also collect frogs, which makes this doubly perfect. She's the best!

It’s nice when the ups outnumber the downs.

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A Good Read

And a pretty good way to spend a Saturday evening, in my opinion.

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Hopping on the EZ bandwagon!

I will confess that until recently, I had hardly read a word of Elizabeth Zimmerman. Practically blasphemy for an avid knitter and reader, no? I bought Knitting Without Tears relatively early in my knitting career in part because I had heard that anything and everything by EZ was a must for every knitting library, but after thumbing through it and not seeing detailed pattern instructions I promptly shelved it and forgot all about it. I just wasn’t ready for interpretation of patterns; I needed it all spelled out for me. Since then, of course, I’ve heard more and more about Elizabeth and what she has meant to so many knitters. I would make a mental note to look for her books which apparently is not a good method for me to actually remember things.

So when I saw on the novamade blog that a commemorative edition of the Knitter’s Almanac was released, I immediately followed the link over to Amazon and ordered myself a copy. I’m looking forward to reading it cover-to-cover!

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Time flies…

…I meant to post about this for the last week or so, right after I received my International Sock Swap package. I was so spoiled!

Three angels stepped up to put this together for me, and I am overwhelmed by their generosity! I’m tentatively planning on putting the heels in these socks this weekend. The weather has just turned gray and cold, and I think these bright and cheery socks are just the ticket to brighten things up!

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I’ve been writing in my head several different “catch-up” posts for the last several weeks, but could not find the motivation to actually type them out. This is not one of those drafts.

This is my panic post.

I came to the realization approximately 45 minutes ago that my July socks (yes, my May and June socks featured prominently in those mental drafts…) are likely not going to happen. This wouldn’t be so bad if they were not part of a swap. The worst part is my undoing is my own fault. I finished the first sock, and didn’t try it on. After waiting a week, distracted by other knitting that is now hidden away to avoid further temptation, I started the second one last night. And for whatever reason, decided to try the first one on tonight. It was too small for me, and that will not work for my swap partner.  After some frantic scurrying around, I think I’ve figured out a new, stretchier pattern to go with, and how many needle sizes I should need to go up. I just really hope I don’t overcompensate and end up sending baggy, saggy socks! The deadline for the swap is not until the end of August, so I have plenty of time to get them done.  But I must admit, I’m even more nervous about this swap than I was at the beginning. I can’t stand the thought of my partner getting her package and being disappointed. It would crush me. And so the anxiety has kicked into overdrive!

As far as the July sock thing goes, I feel like I’ve done so well so far, knitting a pair of socks every month of 2010 for the KAL! Technically, there aren’t even any rules to this KAL, except for the ones I’m imposing on myself. Truly the goal is to have 12 finished pairs by the end of the year. I could knit them all in December, technically. Except. It burns me to not have a pair of July socks!

I envision some long nights in the next week-and-a-half.  All of this rambling to say, those catch-up posts? They’re going to have to wait a bit longer…

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Was actually last Monday, but the week got away from me before I found the chance to post.

First up, my new winter shoes.  I’m not going to lie, they were mostly chosen for their ability to showcase hand-knit socks.

Ah, Doc Martens!  These take me straight back to my high school days when I lived in my Docs.  I had forgotten how heavy they were, but I’m getting used to them again.   There is an embossed flower detail that I wasn’t sure how crazy I’d be about, but I’m digging it:

I love these shoes.  Now I just need to add to my hand-knit sock collection, which is how I justified the purchase in the first place.  Although it didn’t take much justification; they were on sale for just $60.

The second package I received was from Stitchy Mushroom on Etsy.

I ordered one of her small box bags, and I love it!  It’s the perfect size for sock projects, and it is so beautifully made.

Her customer service is super great too!  I placed my order mid-morning on a Friday, and it was in my hot little hands Monday!  The zipper pull is cute too, like a little ball of yarn.

This is absolutely my favorite project bag I’ve ever bought, and I would definitely order another one, or three.  It totally works too.  I carried the Manly Socks around in it for a couple days, and then poof!  They were done!  I just need to pry them off of J’s feet long enough to wash them so that I can get a decent picture of them.  He’s been wearing them non-stop since I finished them last week.  I’m taking that as a sign that he likes them.

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