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Simple Knitting

My knitting has taken on a decidedly simplistic bent these days.

I recently cast on two projects in a fit of start-itis, and both are very soothing, very simple knits. It began with a Hitchhiker, inspired by one of the ladies at knit night a couple weeks ago. It wasn’t until I saw one in person that I understood the appeal and wanted to cast one on for myself.

I followed that four days later with a Sockhead Hat.

The striped socks just need their (plain) heels knit in, and even the re-started disappearing sock is a simple garter rib.

As wonderfully soothing as I find these projects, in the mornings and afternoons I find myself mentally casting on much more thoughtful projects. Things like cabled pullovers and cardigans, and beaded lace shawls that my fingers positively itch to cast on for.

But when I get home in the evenings, with the sun already mostly gone and dinner needing to be cooked and the invariable pile of laundry waiting to be done (how can two grown people generate so much laundry, I ask you?), I reach for one of these projects, that I can just pick up and go on without even a second thought.

I know I will eventually swatch for those sweaters, and learn how to add beads to my lace, but for now all I want is the simple knit stitch, whether it is back-and-forth or round-and-round or even broken up every other row with some purls. And to maybe just dream of the more complex projects that I will start when the days get longer and brighter.

I wonder if this is a knitter’s form of hibernation?


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