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There aren’t too many hard and fast knitting “rules” that I subscribe to. I’m hard-pressed to think of any that I follow faithfully every time. Even swatching is hit or miss; I typically don’t bother for anything other than sweater projects and I can think of a couple where I didn’t even bother (with the expected results, naturally).

So I’m not sure why it tickles me so much that I tossed convention aside and am knitting this baby cardigan in whatever order strikes my fancy.

I knit on the button bands, sewed on the buttons, and even started weaving in ends – all before I started the first sleeve. It’s actually kind of nice. I don’t have bits of sweater flopping around, since I just keep it buttoned up.

The bottom hem is bugging me though. I bound off loosely as I usually do and as convention often dictates, but since I made some slight modifications regarding needles size, it’s a bit flare-y. I’m going to rip back the cast off and try it again tighter. If that doesn’t work, I’ll rip back the garter band altogether and go down a couple needle sizes which is more in keeping with the pattern.

But since this is intended to be a next winter sweater for the little dude, and I’m in no great hurry to get it finished, I’m going to work on this long cast aside project:

For a couple days, at least.

I took this photo last year; on 12/4/11 to be exact. It’s come a bit farther since then, but not much. I typically work on it a few days in between big projects, or when I’m feeling out of sorts and restless with my knitting or other things.

As the countdown to D-Day (Delivery Day) has commenced, it’s safe to say I’m feeling both out of sorts and restless with life in general.


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