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Caught in the act!

Proof positive that not only are cats attracted to knitting that is being blocked…

…shaggy little dogs are too.


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The Status of Coraline

Here’s where things stand as of about an hour-and-a-half ago:

The happy news is that this is the second sleeve! That kind of make it sounds like there’s unhappy news.  And unless the 123 remaining rows of stockinette counts (which funnily enough isn’t fazing me right now; I hope that lasts…), I have none.  The rest of the sweater looks like this right now:

Hooray! Im starting to look like a real live sweater!

Hooray! I'm starting to look like a real live sweater!

And my favorite bits so far, the hem and sleeve detailing:

I’m ridiculously proud of the finishing.  Easy as can be but I think it’s rather sharp looking, if I do say so myself.  The color is most accurate in this picture too.

I just realized that since I’ve started this project, I’ve knit on nothing else.  I’ve always considered myself a process knitter and I’ve had to stop myself from sucking the joy out of this knit  by trying to rush through to get to the next part.  I also have pretty high hopes for the finished object, so that’s contributing to my ‘hurryupandfinishalready’ mentality.  I forced myself to take yesterday off from knitting (!), and now I think I’m back to the frame of mind I’m used to.  I’ve definitely taken a lot of the pressure off myself.

And just for fun, a shot of two of the dogs in repose.  Roscoe and Oto keeping me company while I poke around on the computer.  I’d like to get better about taking pictures of the dogs, especially the elusive and getting-older Charlie.  Maybe this will help jump start my motivation in that area.

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For some reason, my littlest dog Roscoe likes to sit in the closet.  Facing the corner:roscoe-in-the-cornerSee the brown heel there next to him?  I like to think that’s why he’s sulking this particular time, but no.  He’s done it even before he chewed up yet another pair of my shoes.  In his defense, this was totally my fault.  I left the door to the spare bedroom open, and I tend to leave my stuff strewn about.  (See the purse next to the shoe for evidence.  The tie hanging out of the closet is my husband J’s and I take no responsibility for it.)  Roscoe only goes on a chewing frenzy when I’m not at home.  It’s like his little retribution for my daring to leave the house without him.

Then, because self-punishment is exhausting work, he decided to curl up and take a nap:

Staring at a corner tires a pup out.

Staring at a corner tires a pup out.

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